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Travel Diary: Stockholm


We left from Vienna Airport early in the morning for our little adventures trip to Stockholm.

We landed at Arlanda Airport and from there we had an Airport Shuttle Bus, Flygbussarna. We walked to our 3 Star residence which was a boat, called Mälardrottningen on the islet Riddarholmen close to Gamla Stan.

Our first day consisted mainly of walking around having a look of all the things close by and taking a few pictures.

We had dinner at Pizza Hut and our last stop was the famous Ice Bar, we booked our tickets online and finding out when we arrived, we got extremly lucky because our frst day in stockholm was actually the last day before the ice bar got melted to extinction for the current season.

Sights: City Hall - Stadshuset, Riksgatan Gate, Ice Bar, Riddarholmen Church and a few other pretty places

Andra Dagen

We started ealry and walked down Söder Mälarstrand, there was a little market place on Sundays. On our way we got our very first Kanelbullar from a small local bakery called Princess and it was delicious. On our second day we could see all the beautiful buildings and just how artsy Stockholm really looks and is. We had dinner at TGI Friday's (including some Churros later on)and had a quick look around in the "Old Town" Gamla Stan. The first picture is basically the view we had as soon as we left the little boat we stayed on.

Dag Tre

We started ealry once again and walked down to Masthamnen to catch a boat for our tour around the various islands. It was a little creepy to be fair because it looked abandoned but thankfully our boat "Emelie" arrived. So by walking and taking a boat we hopped around on Södermalm, Djurgarden, Östermalm, Norrmalm. We had a look at the Vasa, Nordiska and ABBA Museum (we did not have a look inside though) and Gröna Lund. We didn't get off the boat at Skeppsholmen. (PS:we took the viking line, I recommend that one). We also stopped at gorgeous Cafe Saturnus for some Matcha Latte and Kanelbullar After rather spontanous planning we eventually ran to a Birkenstock store close to the Central Station in order to catch a bus to IKEA (I mean we are in Sweden so why not). Dinner was cheap IKEA food which tasted nice and after coming back with the bus we got a McFlurry so I was happy. Also we caught a stunning sunset to top of our last full day.


We had our final delicious breakfast, then we had a last stroll through Gamla Stan to get some souveniers.

Afterards we checked out and left for the bus stop to get back to Arlanda Airport.

Oh yeah by the way we walked EVERYTHING in the 4 days and 3 nights we spent in stockholm we took 102 799 steps, WTF!

I absolutely loved Stockholm, thank you for having us!

I am happy I could do the Trip with my soulmate and best friend so it was perfect. I'd go back any time.

Down below the last picture of our view and quick pictures I took of the Royal Palace, Riksdagshuset.

Stockholm Sweden Outfit Story

Day One: Not Average Sweater - H&M//Leggings - New Yorker//Day Two: Shirt - H&M Men's Section//Trousers - H&M//Beret - New Yorker//Day Three: Jeans - Primark//Tights - New Yorker// Crop Top - H&M//Day 4: Jeans - Primark//Shirt - Nike (my Dad's)

Essentials for the entire Trip: Coat - Teddy Fur Coat - I AM GIA//Shoes - All White CONVERSE

Baby Pink

Baby Pink Off- Shoulder Sweater - H&M//Leggings - New Yorker//Shoes - CONVERSE

Not Your Baby

Jacket - KenzoXH&M//Leggings - New Yorker//Crop Top - H&M// Shoes - Fila

Supreme 2017

Cherry Bomb

Coat, Sweater, Pants - Primark// Shoes - Army Desert Boots from Ebay

SupremeXChampion 2017


Both Shirts from Aliexpress

Red Teddy - I AM GIA

Teddy Fur Coat - I AM GIA// Pants - H&M// I speak fluent sarcasm shirt - Aliexpress// Shoes - white CONVERSE


Honey Shirt - Aliexpress// Sherpa Jacket - ASOS// Shoes - Dr. MArtens// Pants - H&M// Rebel Chain - H&M

Pink Vibes - MKI Miyuki Zoku

Desire - MISBHV

Jungle - KenzoXH&M

After Dark

MISBHV - Fall/Winter 2015


Sukajan - Japan Zone// Rucksack - VANS// Shoes - Timberland//skull Ring - Amazon// Bracelet - Dupe from Aliexpress, Original from Venessa Arizaga


Tiger Sweater - H&M// Leggings -  New Yorker// Army Desert Boots - EBay// Glasses - Dupe from Aliexpress, Original by Gentle Monster// Bomber Jacket - MFH from Amazon// Rings -  Tokyo Ghoul Imitation from Aliexpress, Dragon from Crazy Factory

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